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The purpose of the ISAT is to discuss a state-of-art of information systems concepts and applications as well as architectures and technologies supporting contemporary information systems. The aim is also to consider an impact of knowledge, information, computing and communication technologies on managing of the organization scope of functionality as well as on enterprise information systems design, implementation and maintenance processes taking into account various methodological, technological and technical aspects. It is also devoted to information systems concepts and applications supporting exchange of goods and services by using different business models and exploiting opportunities offered by Internet-based electronic business and commerce solutions.

ISAT is planned as a forum for presentation of original contributions and for discussions integrating different subjects of today's information systems planning, designing, development and implementation.

The event is addressed to the scientific community, people involved in the development of business information systems, business computer applications, and to consultants helping implement information, computer and communication technologies. It is also addressed to people involved in teaching in variety of topics related to information, management, computer and communication systems.

Traditionally ISAT is also devoted as a form for presentation of scientific contributions prepared by MSc. and Ph.D. students.


  • agent technologies in modeling of Value Based Management process
  • architecture of computer systems supporting intelligent information systems
  • artificial intelligence in modern information and computer systems
  • computer networks architectures, standards, services and applications
  • forecasting problems in engineering, economy and management systems
  • groupware support for information systems
  • impact of technologies on availability and functionality of information systems
  • information systems design and implementation supporting tools
  • intelligent information systems - concepts, models, services and applications
  • investment and risk modeling
  • mobile and wireless communication systems
  • multiagent technologies and systems
  • multimedia - standards and applications
  • ontology modeling, evolution and management
  • project management
  • quality of service and services integration in computer systems and networks
  • real option in firm's valuation process
  • requirements and models of contemporary management information systems
  • security of information and computer systems
  • value based management and uncertainty
  • web query design, processing and optimization
  • web services architecture, services and security
  • web systems and navigation strategies



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