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We are very pleased to annouce two special lectures on very current topics of contemporary computer science:

Prof. Jozef WOZNIAK

Performance analysis of mobility protocols and handover algorithms for IP-based networks

Józef WO¬NIAK*, Przemysław MACHAN**, Krzysztof GIERLOWSKI*, Tomasz GIERSZEWSKI*, Michał HOEFT, Michał LEWCZUK***

* Gdansk University of Technology
** Intel Technology Poland
*** Mega S.A.

Program The presentation (PDF 4,2MB)

In recent years, a rapid proliferation of portable mobile devices, with internal resources and computational capabilities allowing them access to a wide variety of services available in today's computer systems, can be observed. The Internet being the primary source of such services, it is evident that we can expect a large number of mobile users interested in accessing these services by means of TCP/IPv4/IPv6 protocols. The IP protocol in its base specification is, unfortunately, not very well suited to handle user mobility. Anticipating such a need multiple extensions to the base IP protocol stack were developed, aimed to provide user mobility support. In this paper we present a short overview of the most popular methods of handling mobility in IPv4 and IPv6 networks, covering both link-layer and network-layer aspects. Moreover, an overall performance analysis and comparison of described methods is provided, along with description of critical performance issues and optimizations proposed in standardized solutions.


Prof. Dr. Gregor Engels

Service Oriented Architecture - experiences, ideas, innovations

Prof. Dr. Gregor Engels*

* Universität Paderborn, Capgemini CSD Research

Program The presentation (PDF 3,9MB)

The lecture is a part of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) session which goal is to provide a forum to present and discuss experiences, ideas, innovations, as well as concerns related to the SOA systems. The session will cover important issues related to SOA e.g. modeling and designing, business processes, quality management, knowledge management, service composition, and others. Moreover, the organizers expect that the special session will be a trigger for the further research and co-operation in the field of SOA systems.



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